Different clients have different needs. That's why we shoot on a variety of formats: DV, DVCAM and HD and direct to HDD as required. Our main camera is the versatile Sony Z1 camcorder.

In addition to camera equipment, our grip department also carries the Glidecam V-16 stabilizing system, the NX1 camera crane with Microdolly Powerhead which allows for shots up to 15 feet high and car-mounting rigs for inboard and outboard vehichle shots.

Crew size is tailored to the job, so you can be sure the right expertise is available to get the best results for your project.

Post-production is handled on a twin Xeon PC, using PremierePro, Audition and Encore, resulting in ouput to HDV, DV, DVCAM, VHS and authoring onto DVD or CD-ROM.

The studio is also equipped with a voice-over recording booth for that final professional touch and music scoring can be provided using specialist composers or the SonicFire Pro music composition software.